Where Jesus Makes All Things New Rev. 21:5

FFM is a ministry that exists to build, train, and strengthen families using Christian principles.     

The fight for your family is the greatest fight you will ever face in life.  Most of us want marriages that are whole, healed, and filled.  We want children who are grateful, good, and gracious, and we want to be fulfilled ourselves. But, without coaching, encouragement, community, and Christ our families will not be what God has destined them to be.  If you want family destiny and family legacy, join FFM at one of our family gatherings where we fellowship and enjoy community with other families.  



We understand that building a successful, healthy, and whole family is hard work.  We help to support, encourage, mentor, and uplift husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers via the Word of God so each member understands his/her role within the family.  We offer prayer, workshops, conferences, bible study, and fun activities in order to empower the family. 


We offer a word rich study experience that is sure to fill all those who seek after God's presence, power, and purpose for their family.  


A Woman's  Right is a show for real women who live real lives who want to know a real God who gives real answers to real problems.

Catina Harris founded Functioning Families Ministries  in order to help strengthen and build families using Christian principles.  She has a passion to see families grow, flourish, prosper, and excel in the things of God.  She believes that every family has a Family Destiny and Family Legacy that they are designed to fulfill given directly to them by God.  If your family is under mental, physical, spiritual, emotional or financial attack, Functioning Families Ministries is here for you.

Agreement Is the Key to Family Legacy...Catina Harris

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