A Woman Is Right TV Show

San Francisco TV Market
  • Dish & Direct TV Channel 8
  • AT&T Universe Channel 15
  • Wave Broadband Cable Channel 98
Saturdays 3:30pm Sundays 5am and Mondays 12:30am 

Upcoming Events

Weekly Prayer Community

Join us virtually for our weekly 30 minute prayer session where we pray for families, faith, and finances.

Monthly Women Check-ins

Join us for a hour educational, inspirational, and relational biblical lesson that shares godly truth to women about life struggles.

Sacramento TV Market
  • Comcast Channel 20  
  • AT&T Universe Channel 14
  • Consolidated Channel 19
Mondays 7:30pm & Saturdays 9:30am

We want every woman whole, healthy, healed, filled and sealed with God's Spirit.

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