A Woman Is Right TV Show

San Francisco TV Market
  • Dish & Direct TV Channel 8
  • AT&T Universe Channel 15
  • Wave Broadband Cable Channel 98
Saturdays 3:30pm Sundays 5am and Mondays 12:30am 
Sacramento TV Market
  • Comcast Channel 20  
  • AT&T Universe Channel 14
  • Consolidated Channel 19
Mondays 7:30pm & Saturdays 9:30am

Events for Women

Prayer Group

Weekly Prayer Community

Join us virtually for our weekly 30 minute prayer session where we pray for families, faith, and finances.

Students with iPad

Monthly Women Check-ins

Join us for a hour educational, inspirational, and relational biblical lesson that shares godly truth to women about life struggles.


We want every woman whole, healthy, healed, filled and sealed with God's Spirit.

Women with a Cause
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